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As business owners, you face daily some challenges related to the security of your store, staff, and merchandise. And this type of concerns probably increases during this season due to the amount of people getting into the store.

So, a recurrent question from a business manager is how to increase the security of my store without making people feel uncomfortable cause of the surveillance or security guards? An access control solutions could be the answer to your security requirements since this system allows you to control who is accessing to your facility and also you can determine the egress too. This is a very useful option if you’re dealing with shoplifter for instance.

In order to provide you with adequate products, it’s important to identify the security characteristics of your business. How many access do you have in your store? How you secure them? This is a critical point since most of the crimes committed inside the retails stores involve the use of unsupervised entrance. A great way to prevent a robbery could be installing an electromagnetic lock in the back access door that can be controlled using a keypad.

Regarding the main entrance, you definitely need to consider an access control systems if you run a 24/7 business or if the goods you’re selling are a high value such as jewelry, expensive electronic goods, guns, etc. At Visionis, we offer you a series of electric cabinet locks as an additional secure feature to use with all the merchandise.

We also know that you want to provide your store with a proper level of security without spending a huge amount of money, that’s why we offer you the option to build a custom access control system starting with a single access and then add-on additional features according to the business security needs.

Now that you are more aware of the security options that Visionis as a manufacturer can offer you, take a look at our products, and let us offer you a better protection.