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Access Control: An access control is a security system which allows you to provide authorize and safe access to a certain facility.

Access Control Accessories: They are add-on elements such as doorbells, buzzers and anything else that can be added to your already existing system.


Back boxes: The Back box is designed in either plastic or zinc alloy, that protects the inner workings of the exit button after installation.

Battery backup access control kits: The majority of our access control systems include the power supplies for you to run the system. These kits provide a battery backup to keep the system on in case of a power outage.


Card reader: A device that interacts with proximity cards and key tags, allowing access to certain facilities


Door bells: A bell or a chime outside a door that is emitting a noise to announce the presence of a visitor.

Door closer:  A device that closes a door if it is opened, and also regulates the speed and force of closure of a door.

Door loops: The Door Loops are installed to protect the wiring of your access control kit.

Double door maglock: A maglock specifically designed for a double door setup.


Entry devices: An entry device is an access control product installed to allow or block the access. The main categories of entry device are a card reader system and a keypad system.

Exit devices: An exit device is an access control button to exit from an area that is secured. There are several mechanisms functioning for exits buttons such as push to exit, LED sensor or motion sensor detection.

Egress button: An exit device to regulate the exit process.

Exit button motion detector: It’s an exit button feature that allows the door unlocking by the motion detection.

Electric bolt: These drop bolt locks use a cylinder that locks into place to secure your door.

Electric cabinet lock: A miniature magnetic lock that is installed for cabinets and drawers.

Electric strikes: A strike is installed within the door frame and uses a latch function to secure the door.


Indoor maglock: An electronic magnetic lock is built with different levels of reinforcement, starting 120lbs and up to 1.200lbs. For indoor use, the maglocks work using a power supply.

Indoor keypad: A keypad that works solely indoors and cannot be exposed to weather conditions.

Indoor card reader: This type of card reader works solely indoors and cannot be exposed to weather conditions.

Indoor no touch exit button: An exit button that requires a simple wave of the hand to unlock the door.

Indoor exit button: An exit button that can only be used inside.


Key tags: The key tag is a contactless tag used to allow the entrance in an access control system.

Keypad: A keypad is small keyboard used in access control systems that enables the access using a pin code.


Locking device: A lock device is a mechanism that prevents unauthorized access by blocking the door from opening. On an access control system, the locking function is made by a magnetic lock or an electric lock.


Maglocks brackets: It’s a piece of metal that secure a magnetic lock in the correct place. The different styles (L, ZL and U) allow for different application installations.

Maglock brackets glass door: Most commonly referred to as a U Bracket, this allows for your maglock to be installed on a glass door.

Maglocks brackets for inswing door: Most commonly referred to as an L&Z Bracket, this allows for your maglock to be installed on a door that swings inward.

Maglock: A lock that functions magnetically and secures a door.

Magnetic locks: It’s a magnet device that works with a power source and is used in access control systems.

Maglock time delay: It’s a feature that allows a program delayed access between 0-9 seconds once people request to exit.

Mortise maglock: It’s a maglock recommended for sliding doors.


Outdoor waterproof maglock: An outdoor electronic magnetic lock is built with different levels of reinforcement similar to the indoor. They range from 300lbs to 1,500lbs. The outdoor locks are built to resist harsh weather conditions.

On-off switch: Designed in the size of an exit button, it allows you to control the power of your system with a key that turns from on to off.

Outdoor keypad: A keypad built with weatherproof materials and recommended for outdoor use.

Outdoor card reader: A card reader built with weatherproof materials and recommended for outdoor use.

Outdoor exit button: An exit button that can work inside and outside. It is specifically built to withstand the outdoor conditions.


Power supply: These power adapters, included in most kits, is what powers your access control system.

Proximity cards: The proximity card is a contactless card used to allow the entrance in an access control system.

Push to exit button: The most common of all exit buttons, which requires the push of a button exit an area that is secured by access control products.


Remote control: A transmitter device created to remotely lock and unlock access control systems.


Standalone access control kits: On security market, a standalone access control system means that there is no need to install a processing software to handle the access system since the product includes a standard protocol to work properly by himself.

Smartphone controlled access kits: Besides the regular features, in a smartphone-controlled system, you can allow or denied the access remotely using your smartphone.

Security buzzers: A buzzer is an add-on accessory to the access control system that makes a sound to notify when the maglock on your door has been unlocked and opened.

Spare parts: Replacement part sold separately to complete access control systems with missing pieces.

Shear maglock: A smaller maglock that is installed to give a hidden appearance. It is installed within the door frame flushed.


Time delay: A feature in access control products that allows a preset time before the system is locked and re-engaged.


Wireless access control kits: In a wireless access control kit, you can setup a receiver, in order to grant access using a remote control.

Wifi socket: A wireless device that can connect different appliances to the Wi-Fi network in order to control it remotely

Wireless RF receiver: A receiver that uses radio frequencies capable to detect radio signals between two or more remotes. The remotes need to work on the same frequency as the receiver.

Wireless exit button: An exit button that requires no wiring to work with the system but through wireless connection.

Waterproof gate maglock: This maglock has all the accessories sealed inside the lock cylinder. Popular applications are for outside work areas or any type of area that would be exposed to weather.