One of the main purposes of Visionis as a manufacturer is to provide customize solutions and products in order to assist our customers with the installation of security solutions. That is the reason why we create several categories to gather products that work better for certain facilities or environments.

As a manufacturer, Visionis thinks every day about how to provide more efficient, cost accessible solutions to enhance your home or business safety level.

  • Entry/Exit Devices: These Visionis devices allow the business owners or managers to control the access to certain facilities, through the installation of entry or exit keypads and card readers.
  • Access Control: The installation of access control systems in homes, stores, and small business is a growing trend across the world. The access control system applies the latest technology to improve the levels of safety and can be adapted to single door usage to multiple entrance installations such as government buildings, hospitals, schools, etc.
  • Locking options: The security market, in the area of locks, have shown improvements through the last several years. The main reason is the replacement of mechanical devices for electronic pieces and software, which allow integration and interaction with other home and business appliances such as lighting, heating, etc.