Since the electronic security market has different features and needs, Visionis has developed a custom strategy to reach and satisfy the demands of determined sectors.

  • Banking: One of the top priority of bank companies or institutions is to ensure the safety of customer’s money and goods. That’s why at we create a brochure with related products such as magnetics locks with different levels of reinforcement to assure the correct operation of doors and gates on this financial institutions. (See More).
  • Education: Educate and protect next generations are the main concerns of politicians, teachers and families. This objective turns the school and related facilities a top security priority. As a manufacturer, Visionis works to develop, test and launch security products such as entry or exit devices to ensure the safety of all students, staff, and faculty.
  • Government: Due to latent terrorism alerts, government facilities across the world, need to enhance their access control and security systems to avoid any potential threat. Visionis develops a cost effective solution based on identifying the facilities risk and providing high accuracy systems to keep them under control.
  • Health Care: As a medical service provider, the hospitals and other facilities show a strong demand of security since they have a huge amount of people such doctors, patients, maintenance staff involved in risky activities. Through the installation of access control and surveillance systems, the authorities will be able to minimize the threats and assure the proper functioning of health care centers.
  • Residential: Keep your home and family safe it’s the most important thing when it comes to security. This is the reason why at Visionis we build safety product at affordable cost, in this way, we as a manufacturer, are assisting you to provide the security needed at home.
  • Retail: Retail establishment owners have to deal with the increasing of shoplifters and other activities driving to commit crimes inside their business. In order to maintain security and loss prevention, it’s needed to install access control systems, not only to avoid unauthorized access but also to control the schedules for employees and staff.