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As a homeowner, one of the biggest concern is to keep your property protected against burglars and other potential threats.  So the primary question is I’m trying to make my home safer, ¿What product should I install?

In order to provide an accurate answer to this concern, it’s important to identify on the property some critical points. Could you answer, how many door do you have in your home? What type of lock do you have installed there? How many people live or interact with the property, this include home owners, visitors, service providers etc. Once we have this information clear, we can select the proper security systems for your home.

At we encourage our customers who want to reinforce their home security to install a single access control system, which includes a maglock, an entry device and also an exit device. The maglock replaces the mechanical lock installed in the door; using an electromagnetic magnet connected to a power source or a battery backup systems, which allow it to be controlled using the remote as well.

The access control system is complemented with entry/exit device that operates using different mechanisms including codes, key tags or proximity cards. With the installation of an access control system in the principal entrance of the house, the homeowner is granted a 24/7 monitor over the property.

Now that you have more information about what is the best option to make your home safer, make your choice and let Visionis take care of your family security.

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