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VIS-EL101-FSA – 770lbs Stainless Steel Electric Door Strike for Wood and Metal Doors 12V Fail Safe Normally Closed

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  • Suitable For Wooden Door, Metal Door, PVC Door
  • Fail Safe (with power it’s lock)
  • Holding 350kg (770 pounds).
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The VIS-EL101-FSA is an electric strike lock designed for wood, metal and PVC doors. This is a perfect solution for a simple or advanced access control system. The operating principle of an electric strike lock is that it turns into a magnetic force. The strike has an impressive 350kg/770lbs of magnetic force. You can’t get more secured than that.

  • Holding 350kg (770 pounds).
  • Aluminum, stainless steel bolt.
  • Function: Fail Safe (with power it’s lock)
  • Microswitch / Monitoring / 305: Yes
Lock Size 150Lx40W34H (mm) - 5.90Lx1.57Wx1.34H (in.)
Holding Strength 350kg (770 pounds)
Voltage 12VDC
Current 200 - 230 mA
Feature Fail Safe. N/C with power it’s lock
Microswitch / Monitoring / 305 Yes
Suitable For Wooden Door, Metal Door, PVC Door
Connections Power supply: No polarity (Polarity if a diode is installed). Microswitch: COM contact, NC contact, NO contact.
Cycles Tested 300.000
Operating Temperature -15°C / +40°C (5°F / 104°F)
Solenoid Continuously duty
Product + Packaging Weight 0.31kg (0.68 pounds)