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VIS-8007-433 – Two Channels Receiver 433MHz

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  • Operating Frequency: 433MHz
  • Number of Codes: 1,048,576
  • Operating Distance: Up to 197ft (60m)
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The VISIONIS VIS-8007-433 RF wireless Receiver was built to feed the demand for a device that can meet multiple functions without having to purchase additional devices. The VIS-8007-433 RF receiver can be used to control all sorts of Electrical devices such as Garage door Openers, Lights, Motorized gates, Mag locks, Electric Strikes, lifts and many more devices.

Operating Frequency 433MHz
Number of Codes 1,048,576
Data Format PWM
Operating Voltage DC12V
Operating Distance Up to 197ft (60m) The maximum range needs to be used in an open area. The distance will start to diminish based on some type of interference such as metal, concrete and others.
Operating Temperature 0°C-70°C or 32°F - 158°F
Current Draw 19mA
Compatible Transmitter VIS-8008-433
RF Channels Two
Remotes Up to 50 remotes are able to connect to one Receiver
Receiver Output C dry contact (NO/NC/COM)
Receiver Output Functions 4 (Default) 4 second momentary, latch, toggle (On/Off), press on function
Connectors 5 screw Terminal (NO, COM, NC + -)(short wire included for each terminal used to facilitate install.)
Case Construction ABS Plastic
Dimensions 62*43.5*30mm (2.44* 1.71*1.18 Inches)
Weight 43g or 1.52 Ounces
Antenna Wire lead
Mounting Screws Comes with two mounting screws
Warranty 3 Year
Wire Harness Included
Power supply Not included (only included in the form of kits.)