What is access control?

  • What are the components of an access control systems?

The main components of an access control system are:

  • An entry device
  • An exit device
  • A magnetic lock and
  • Accessories such as remotes, key tags and proximity cards.

Where can I install an access control system?

  • An access control systems can be installed in an entrance for indoor or outdoor use. The magnetic lock usually is installed on the top of the door or on the door frame, while the entry and exit devices are installed over a wall close to the entrance.

What is an armored door loop?

  • An armored door loop is an access control accessory designed to carry and protect low voltage cable between door and frame.

What is a battery backup?

  • An access control battery backup is an external device that provides an alternative power source to access control systems when the main source of power fails.

When and where do I need to place a battery backup?

  • If you have an access control installed in a high traffic area or a critical security point, it’s recommendable to install a battery backup. In this case, if the power goes out, the system will remain operating as usual for several hours.

What is a bracket?

  • A bracket is a complementary accessory for maglock installation, which allows you to place the magnetic lock in different positions according to the door size, surfaces, and frames available.

In what scenario, do I need to use a bracket?

  • You will probably need a bracket to install properly a maglock over an entrance door with special specifications (size, surface, etc), such as inswinging doors, glass doors, and/or narrow doors.

What it’s a back box?

Cajas de Montaje
  • It’s a plastic or metal box used to cover and protect the wires in electric installations. For access control systems can be used surfaced-mounted or embedded.

What is an electric cabinet lock?

  • It’s an electric lock specially design to secure cabinets, lockers, etc. Operating through a power source, this product locks or releases the cabinet door.

What is a power supply devices?

  • A power supply in an access control system, provides the power to a lower or higher voltage, per the operation requirements.

What kind of products need a power supply?

  • A power supply could be needed in access control kits where different devices such as maglock, entry and exit buttons, operate through to the same power source.

What is a receiver?

  • In the access control field, a receiver it’s an electronic device that detects radio frequency waves emitted by remote controls and let the system operate over the distant.

What is a Wi-Fi socket? How it works?

Wifi Socket
  • It is a device that allows you to control your home electronics via mobile app. This allows you to operate them over a Wi-Fi network.

What is an exit button?

  • It’s an access control device that allows individuals to exit from a facility. It can operate through different mechanisms such as push, no touch, motion, etc.

Where should I install an exit button?

  • You should install an exit button as a complement for an access control system near any door that will have people exiting from your facility.

What models are in the market?

  • According to the operating mechanism, at Visionis you will be able to find 2 types of exit buttons: the push to exit option and the no touch exit option.

What other components do I need to use an exit button?

  • In order to work properly with the access control system, an exit button is required to be connected with a magnetic lock, an entry device and a power source.

I’m running a delivery business, which buttons should work better for me?

  • Since you have staff accessing your business carrying boxes and packages, we suggest you to install a no touch exit button. This product can unlock the door just waving your hand in front of the sensor.

What is an Electric locks?

  • It’s a lock where the traditional mechanism has been replaced for an electronic circuit operated by a power source.

How can I pick up the best maglock for my door mechanism?

  • To determine the most fitting product for your entrance you need to know the material, weight and thickness of the door.

What does it mean the different features on maglock such as timer, buzzer, etc.?

  • Beyond the regular characteristics of a magnetic lock, you can set up additional features. A timer allows you to set a delay, between 0-10 seconds, before the maglock is locked again. A buzzer produces a sound that notifies the people inside that the door is open.

What is the difference between indoor and outlook maglock?

  • Both locks work in a similar way. However, the main difference is the materials used to build the product. The indoor maglock can only be used inside and cannot be exposed to any weather conditions. The outdoor maglock was specifically designed to withstand weather and outside conditions.

What happens if I installed an indoor maglock outside?

  • Installing an indoor maglock in the outdoors will cause malfunctions and damage the maglock as a whole. We do not recommend this under any circumstances and recommend an outdoor maglock for all outdoor applications.

What happens with my maglock if the power goes?

  • The Visionis maglock has 2 different features; fail safe and fail secure. In the fail safe mode, if power fails the magnetic lock will unlock automatically. With the fail secure feature, the maglock remains lock if the power source fails. You can also install a battery backup for these scenarios.

What is an electric strike?

  • It is an access control device used indoors that is installed within your door frame. Using a power source, such as a power supply, it is installed and uses a latch to secure the door.

Where can I install an electric lock?

  • You can install an electric lock in a regular door by replacing the traditional lock incorporated.

How a proximity card works?

  • A proximity card is an access control accessory that is used to grant access to a door that has a reader or keypad/reader protecting the door. Simply pass the card by the reader and it will grant access (If the card is already programmed).

How a proximity card works?

Proximity Cards and Key Tags
  • A proximity key tag is an access control accessory that is used to grant access to a door that has a reader or keypad/reader protecting the door. Simply pass the tag by the reader and it will grant access (If the tag is already programmed).

What is a keypad?

Standalone & Wiegand Outdoor Waterproof Keypad/Card Readers
  • A keypad is an entry device for access control systems that allows pin codes to provide access to a door.

What is a card reader?

  • A keypad is an entry device for access control systems that allows pin codes to provide access to a door.

What does it means standalone system?

  • A standalone system is an access control solutions that does not require additional software to complete installation or provide a record/log of entry and exit.

What is the Wiegand protocol?

Standalone & Wiegand Outdoor Waterproof Card Readers
  • It’s a communication protocol to transmit data from the card readers to the backend controlled for processing.

Are this products weatherproof?

  • At Visionis we have different models of card readers and keypad, some of them are weatherproof, specially designed for outdoor use and hard weather conditions.

What happens with my card reader/keypad, if power fails?

  • If your access control systems does not have a battery backup installed, the keypad will turn off once the power goes out

Can I track the access time for my employees using this products?

  • In order to track the access time, you will need to install a complementary software.